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me fait languir
written for LCO New
fp — London Chamber Orchestra cond. Christopher Warren-Green, St John’s Smith Square (UK), 23-09-2023

me fait languir was made in the summer of 2022, when I was working with the London Chamber Orchestra as part of their LCO New scheme. I was lucky enough to have two workshops to develop the piece over the course of three months.

Programme note
The title me fait languir is taken from Beauté parfaite, a ballade by Guillaume de Machaut set to music by Antonello da Caserta:

Beauté parfaite et bonté sovraine, 
grace sans per et douçur esmerée, 
me fait languir in contrée lontaine, 
en desirant ma dame desirée.

Si ne puis pas avoir longue durée 
et ma dolour longuemant endurer, 
puis que desirs ne me lasse durer.

The piece is mainly comprised of material from Caserta’s setting, removed from its context, which I re-assemble into me fait languir.

I am interested in the orchestra because, despite its rigorous internal hierarchies, it is ultimately a mass of individuals — two facts which can sometimes be at odds. I can only hope to address a small handful of different ways this can be explored.


orchestra, 5’-10’

recording available upon request
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