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four quartets
flute, oboe, violin, ‘cello
written for Britten Sinfonia Opus 1
record. — Sarah O’Flynn/Peter Facer/Marcus Barcham-Stevens/Juliet Welchman, West Road Concert Hall (UK), 18-09-2021

I worked on four quartets with the Britten Sinfonia in the summer of 2021 on their Opus 1 scheme. With mentorship from Joe Cutler and Dobrinka Tabakova, I made four one-page pieces for a quartet of players from the orchestra.

Each quartet is a short snapshot which presents a different kind of ‘quartet-ness’.

It was recorded in West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge by Myles Eastwood, who also mixed the recording.

No relation to the Eliot poems.


ensemble-small, 5’-10’

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