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drain music
bass clarinet, fixed media
written for Heather Roche
fp — Heather Roche, Online, 19-03-2021

A sound which has interested me for a while is the constant hum or rumble which pervades the sonic environment of almost any large city. In an effort to acquaint myself with this sound, which I’ve always rather enjoyed, I began finding its sources and recording them, an activity which allowed me to bring them into focus individually.

I feel a connection to the manmade qualities of these sounds which, while produced by human-made infrastructure, carry on sounding by themselves even in the absence of people.

In drain music the natural resonances of these sounds are drawn out via filtering. The bass clarinet plays a loose duet with the lingering tones found deep in the pipes and vents of the city.


electronic, solo, 15’-20’

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